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Sermon: Nothing Can Destroy Easter Joy

Sermon: The Lord Comes to His Temple

Sermon: Serve the Lord Joyfully

Sermon: You are Invited to God’s Wedding Banquet

Sermon: Jesus’ Resurrection is a Gold Mine

It gives us eternal, guaranteed heavenly riches. It gives us surprising, inexpressible joy.

Sermon: Suffering Saints, You Are Blessed!

1. The Kingdom of God is yours. 2. Joy in persecution is yours. Luke 6:20-23

Sermon: The Lord Has Saved His People

1. He has brought them back to himself. 2. He had brought them back with joy. Jeremiah 31:7-9

Sermon: See the Power of Christ’s Resurrection

1. It compels the world to look at the empty tomb. 2. It compels believers to proclaim God’s victory. Mark 16:1-8 Delivered 03/27/16