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Sermon: In Jesus, We Have Enough

Sermon: The Lord Is With Us

Sermon: In Jesus we have enduring food.

1. Human efforts can never obtain it. 2. Jesus’ efforts alone can provide it. John 6:24-35 Delivered 08/07/16

Sermon: Don’t be afraid! It’s Jesus!

1. He’s with you, even when you don’t recognize him. 2. He with you with his overwhelming power. Mark 6:45-56 Delivered 07/31/16

Sermon: Trust God in All Life’s Storms

1. He doesn’t always calm the storm. 2. But he always keeps his Word. Acts 27:13-26 Delivered 06/19/16

Sermon: The Best Truly Is Yet to Come

1. The skeptics try to deny it. 2. God’s trustworthy Word confirms it. Luke 20:27-38 Delivered 11/08/15

Sermon: You really are children of God!

1. Marvel at what you are. 2. Look forward to what you will be. 1 John 3:1-3 Delivered 11/01/15

Sermon: The Father’s Arms Support Us

The Father’s Arms Support Us 1. When our hearts are filled with fear. 2. With the promises of his Word. Sermon Text: Genesis 15:1-6 Delivered: August 9, 2015